About Zion's Hope

The History
In August of 1989, Marv Rosenthal and his wife, Marbeth, traveled south from the headquarters of their former ministry located in southern New Jersey. The Lord clearly led them to Orlando, Florida. Orlando was not on their list of possible locations to start a new ministry, but through circumstances and a quiet inward confidence, they followed the call of God. This was no small matter. Marv had only recently concluded a spiritually rewarding 16-year tenure as president and director of a worldwide Christian ministry designed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Jewish people, and the Jewishness of the Gospel with Christian people.
A Ministry is Born
Now in Orlando, Marv and Marbeth were starting all over. Unlike their previous ministry, they would not be operating out of a well-equipped office building with a large staff, but out of their own living room. And so was launched Zion’s Hope Inc., an independent, Bible-believing, faith-missionary organization.

The Name
If ever a name perfectly matched its ministry, then “Zion’s Hope” is the perfect fit. The name “Zion’s Hope” ideally reflects the ministry’s goals and desires. And what are they? Precisely this: To fervently, yet graciously share with the Jewish people the Gospel of Jesus, the Messiah. The name “Zion’s Hope” comes from Psalm 53:6 “Oh, that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion!” And hence, the ministry’s heartfelt belief that the only true hope of Zion is salvation through her Messiah.

Building a Legacy
Insightful writing. Inspirational messages. Eye-catching publications. These are some of the ways Zion’s Hope has been able to proclaim the timeless message of the Gospel. In addition, the ministry shares its message throughout the world through a growing team of faithful, hard-working, well-trained missionaries serving in strategic locations both in Israel and the United States. Zion’s Hope is also innovative and enthusiastic in its desire to advance the Good News through the use of numerous modes of media: books, brochures, CDs, videos, DVDs, and in the pages of Zion’s Fire magazine. With a large and growing circulation of subscribers, this dynamic and relevant Christian magazine on Israel and Bible prophecy has been reaching the world for Christ for more than 19 years.

In February 2001, another avenue of ministry was launched. The majestic gates of The Holy Land Experience opened as a new adventure in Christian ministry. Under the leadership of Zion’s Hope, this facility became the world’s first “living biblical museum” – dynamically proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world through fascinating biblical exhibits, profound biblical presentations, and stirring biblical drama and music. In its first 4 years, The Holy Land Experience welcomed more than 1,100,000 guests through its gates.

2005 Developments
In the 17th year of ministry, another new chapter was written in the history of Zion’s Hope. In July of 2005, Zion’s Hope and The Holy Land Experience separated – in essence forming two distinct, independent organizations. Zion’s Hope re-incorporated with its original name as a new 501(c)3 ministry under the continued direction and leadership of Marv Rosenthal.

A Clear Vision
In the days ahead, under God’s direction, Zion’s Hope plans to build on its foundation of ministry endeavors that began and have continued since 1989. Through existing and expanding missionary efforts, Bible studies and personal evangelism, we plan to increase our witness to the 16 million Jewish people worldwide and, in particular, to the 11 million who now live in Israel and America.

Through our publications like Zion’s Fire magazine along with the production of insightful, new Bible Media materials, Zion’s Hope seeks to be an increasingly important resource to the Bible-believing Church, which we love. Our aim is to encourage churches to study and interpret the Word of God in its Old-and-New Testament historical, cultural and geographical context – a biblical emphasis largely ignored today. In light of this important focus, Zion’s Hope will continue to host life-changing, first-rate tours to Israel. And in the near future, watch for announcements of new, exciting tour destinations of biblical importance.

Through evangelistic banquets and prophetic conferences and seminars, Zion’s Hope will remain focused on proclaiming the blessed hope of the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the rapture of living believers at Christ’s coming along with everything biblically associated with that climactic, crowning event of human history – an event which we believe is rapidly approaching.

The Purpose of Zion’s Hope
The Purpose of Zion’s Hope is a simple one, yet also bold, direct, and far-reaching. Zion’s Hope seeks to graciously proclaim to the Jewish people their need for personal salvation through Jesus the Messiah and to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all men regardless of race, religion, gender, education, or national origin. Accordingly, Zion’s Hope seeks to educate the Bible-believing Church concerning the place of Israel in both history and prophecy and assist it in fulfilling its God-given obligation to rightfully include the Jewish people in its program for world evangelism.

Our Methods
At Zion’s Hope, our call is to communicate the unchanging message of saving grace through faith in Christ alone. But while our message is fixed, our methods of communicating that message are flexible. We continually strive to employ new and innovative ways of sharing the truth of God’s Word with a world that is desperately searching for real answers.