A Special Note from Zion's Hope Executive Director Marv Rosenthal:

As a gesture of sincere appreciation for your ministry donation of any amount, I'd like to send you a not-yet-released DVD entitled:

The Quest to Identify Mystery Babylon.

The Quest to Identify Mystery Babylon

In this eye-opening presentation by my son, David, you'll explore the possible connection of Saudi Arabia and Islam, with the entity known in the Book of Revelation as MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

This "woman" is described in the pages of Scripture as an alluring and wicked prostitute who rides a vicious beast having seven heads and ten horns. When the cup of mankind's iniquity is full, God will unleash His fury upon the nations, but He has reserved a special punishment for this wicked harlot who is drunk with the blood of the martyrs. During this future time (which I believe is not too far off), God will pour out His wrath upon her with a fierce intensity never before seen on Earth.

With a focus on Revelation 17 - 18, and an eye on the shocking developments taking place in the Middle East, you will find the information contained in The Quest to Identify Mystery Babylon to be both intriguing and informative.

I am confident this new resource will provide you with a wealth of insight related to the significant events taking place in the Middle East today and their connection to Bible prophecy. Please share it with others as well.

This DVD will be made available for purchase in the coming months, but for a limited time*, we are making it available to special friends of Zion's Hope with your ministry donation of any amount. Simply request it when giving your donation. A generous ministry donation at this time would be especially appreciated and wisely used. Thank you, in advance, for standing with us in support of the Lord’s work through Zion’s Hope.

NOTE: The DVD starts shipping June 25, 2018.

*This offer is valid through August 3, 2018. IRS regulations permit you to deduct the contribution given in excess of the fair-market value of any resource provided by the ministry. Our good-faith estimate of the value of this resource is $12. All shipping costs for this item will be covered by the ministry.

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