To make a tax-deductible donation to the ministry of Zion's Hope, please select a menu option below:

Zion's Hope: General Fund
Donations to this fund are for use where needed most.

Zion's Hope: Foreign Fund
Donations to this fund are for use only in overseas mission activities.

Special DVD Offer:
Zion’s Hope has just produced a new teaching DVD by David Rosenthal entitled, The Quest to Identify Mystery Babylon. It will be made available for purchase in the coming months, but, at this time, we are making it available for free to special friends of Zion’s Hope with a donation* of any amount through August 3, 2018. You may request it when making your donation*.

*IRS regulations permit you to deduct the contribution given in excess of the fair-market value of any resource provided by the ministry. Our good-faith estimate of the value of this resource is $12. All shipping costs for this item will be covered by the ministry.

We believe Scripture teaches...

  • It is our responsibility, under God's direction, to make our ministry needs known to God's children.
  • It is by God's sovereign will, and in His timing, that He touches the hearts of His people and prompts them to give.
  • It is the responsibility of believers to respond to God's prompting in obedience, and to develop a lifestyle of Christ-like giving in accordance with Scripture.

Ministry gifts designated to Zion's Hope generate a tax-deductible receipt.

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