Zion's Hope: Servant's Heart

Zion's Hope: Servant's Heart

11 Important Projects in 2023


Our Servant’s Heart team will gather in Jerusalem to bless the people of Israel and “Love them to life in Christ”. With our ministry partners, our team will provide food for the poor, care for the young and elderly, kindness to the lonely, and proclaim the Good News of salvation to the lost. But we need your help! Your participation through prayer and giving is vital to the success of these 11 important projects.


David M. Rosenthal

The Servant’s Heart Challenge 2023

Online Media & Street Evangelism Outreach

Project 1 – Online Media & Street Evangelism Outreach
Project Need: $13,500

Over the past several years, digital media has proven to be a very effective means of communicating the Gospel to Israelis. Through the production and promotion of online Gospel videos, and by engaging in meaningful conversations on the street, our ministry team will share the Good News of the Messiah with Jewish people throughout the Holy Land.


Food-Care Packages for the Poor

Project 2 – Food-Care Packages for the Poor
Project Need: $14,000

Hundreds of large care packages containing quality staple food items will be assembled and distributed to the poor and elderly in Jerusalem and various locations in Israel. Meeting the basic food needs of these dear people not only serves to meet their physical needs, but opens the door to provide them with spiritual food for their soul.

Be'ad Chaim Pro-Life Center

Project 3 – Be’ad Chaim Pro-Life Center
Project Need: $18,500

This pro-life center in Jerusalem ministers to pregnant women through education, godly guidance, and by lovingly encouraging them to give birth to their babies. Through Servant's Heart support, precious little lives will be saved and new mothers helped with expenses.

Feasts of Israel Book: Translate, Print, Distribute

Project 4 – Feasts of Israel Book – Translate, Print, Distribute
Project Need: $32,000

A few years ago, we funded a new Hebrew/English booklet that explains the biblical feasts. Since that time, it has been used to touch many lives. Jewish people celebrate the feast holidays, but don't understand they reveal God's plan of salvation. This year, in partership with the Bible Society, Servant's Heart will fund the translation of this booklet into Russian and Amharic to reach the many Russian and Ethiopian Jewish immigrants in Israel.

Medallion Shabbat School Bible Lessons

Project 5 – Medallion Shabbat School Bible Lessons
Project Need: $12,000

The growing Messianic community in Israel desperately needs biblical teaching materials in Hebrew for kids. Godly Shabbat School (Children's Church) teachers are developing solid, Bible-based curriculum through the Medallion ministry. This season, Servant's Heart will fund the production and printing of Hebrew-language Bible lessons on Creationism for Israeli children.

Orphan Care in Jerusalem

Project 6 – Orphan Care in Jerusalem
Project Need: $5,500

In the heart of Jerusalem, more than 175 young boys are being cared for in remarkable ways. Each child is paired with a young couple that oversees 12 youngsters (resembling a large family unit). Servant's Heart volunteers will meet and spend time with the children, and Zion's Hope staff will continue to minister to them throughout the year.

Galilee Gospel Ministry Outreach

Project 7 – Galilee Gospel Ministry Outreach
Project Need: $10,000

A small, dynamic congregation of Israeli believers loçated north of the Sea of Galilee near the border with Lebanon are working diligently to reach the lost in their town and in other communities in the Galilee region. In partnership, our Servant's Heart team will join them in an evangelistic outreach and provide financial support to their growing congregation.

Makor HaTikvah Messianic School

Project 8 – Makor HaTikvah Messianic School
Project Need: $15,000

This Christian school in Jerusalem begins each day with prayer and Bible study - and provides a quality education. But, many parents can't afford a Christian education for their children. In honor of Zion's Hope Field Director, John Theodor, who entered glory in 2021, Servant's Heart will provide Theodor Scholarships to struggling families.

Care for the Elderly & Jewish Immigrants

Project 9 – Care for the Elderly & Jewish Immigrants
Project Need: $15,000

Many of these dear elderly Jewish people immigrated to Israel after World War II. Others came from Russia and France to escape growing anti-Semitism. Recently, Ukrainian refugees have flooded into Israel. Through Servant's Heart support, they receive ongoing assistance that includes medical care, provision of food, help with expenses, prayer, and spiritual guidance.

Mevaseret Bible Study Classrooms

Project 10 – Mevaseret Bible Study Classrooms
Project Need: $10,000

A church has been planted in the growing Jerusalem suburb of Mevaseret Zion. The congregation has been meeting outside, but their new building is almost ready. Through Servant's Heart support, Kehila Meshichit Mevaseret will be able to finish their Bible study classrooms and move into their new church facility.

Jerusalem Messianic Youth Camps

Project 11 – Jerusalem Messianic Youth Camps
Project Need: $9,500

The Jerusalem Assembly church will host several weeks of dynamic Bible training for kids and teens this summer. However, many parents can't afford it due to the high cost of living in Israel. At a time when children's hearts are most open to the Gospel, these camps are an invaluable investment in their lives.


Servant’s Heart: Where Needed Most
Gifts may be donated to this account to be used at Zion’s Hope’s Servant’s Heart project discretion.
Gifts designated for any of the specific projects above will be used to meet these special project needs.
Gifts received beyond the needs of the Servant’s Heart program will be used for the ongoing ministry of Zion’s Hope.

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