Zion's Hope: Servant's Heart

This year, a very special team of Zion’s Hope staff and friends – from Israel and the United States – will join together in Jerusalem for a very special time of ministry and service.

Time is running out to touch lives with the Gospel. But during these days of opportunity, our Servant’s Heart team will reach out to lost souls in Israel as we seek to “Love Them to Life” by providing food, care, kindness, and by sharing the life-giving message of hope through Jesus Christ.

Please take a few minutes to learn about our exciting new evangelistic campaign, “Israel at 70 Years!”, and all ten important Servant’s Heart projects linked below.

Servant’s Heart Program: Where Needed Most

Project 1 - Evangelism Outreach

Project 2 - Jewish Messianic Heritage Bible

Project 3 - Food-Care Packages

Project 4 - Holocaust Survivor and Elder Care

Project 5 - Messianic School Scholarships

Project 6 - Pro-Life Ministry

Project 7 - Shabbat School Children's Books

Project 8 - Yuval School Music Scholarships

Project 9 - Children's Summer Camps

Project 10 - Children's Hebrew Music CD


Gifts designated to one of the ministry opportunities above will be used to fully meet these special projects in Israel.
Funds received over and above the needs of the Servant’s Heart program will be used for the ongoing ministry of Zion’s Hope.

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