Rose Guide to the Temple

Rose Guide to the Temple
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Based on the most up-to-date discoveries, this book explains the biblical and historical background of the Temple in Jerusalem during every period from Abraham to the modern day.


  • Solomon's Temple (First Temple)
  • Nehemiahs's/Zerubabbel's Temple (Second Temple)
  • Herod's Temple (New Testament)
  • Ezekiel's Temple and symbolism
  • Floor plans and diagrams by top biblical illustrators and archaeologists
  • Fold-out poster of new digital model of the Temple Mount and Herodian Temple Mount
  • 100-event time line from King David to the modern day
  • Plus much more!

This stunning new biblical resource includes floor plans, cross-sections, and full explanations of Solomon's Temple, Herod's Temple, and the Tabernacle.