Pocket Study Booklet Part 2A / 2B - "A Scroll with 7 Seals"

Pocket Study Booklet Part 2A / 2B - "A Scroll with 7 Seals"
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In Part 2A, David Rosenthal explains that the scroll with seven seals introduced in Revelation Chapter 5 is the key to unlocking the chronology of the last days. What the backbone is to the human body, the seals are to the Book of Revelation. When understood properly, the seven seals around the scroll provide the crucial sequence of end-time events.

In Part 2B, we’ll focus on the first six seals around the scroll in Revelation Chapter 6 and the prophetic events associated with each of them. Remarkably, the description of these seals in the last book of the Bible precisely parallels Jesus’ teaching to His disciples on the Mount of Olives recorded in Matthew Chapter 24. When seen together, these biblical passages reveal a chronology of end-time events that may surprise you.

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