The Rapture Question Answered: Plain & Simple

The Rapture Question Answered: Plain & Simple
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No theme is more timely and important than the second coming of Christ. The Rapture Question Answered, we believe, will eliminate the confusion and frustration that has come with the myriad of contradictory books and articles regarding the Rapture of the Church.

How should Scripture be understood when it speaks of Antichrist – literally or allegorically? And if Antichrist and his persecution are for real, will the Church have to undergo this terrible time of perseccution, or will she be removed – raptured – before this time of great tribulation begins?

The truth of the matter is this: the Bible could not be clearer in its answers to these critical questions, plain and simple. The Rapture Question Answered points the reader to the Bible's response in an easy-to-read style that does not sacrifice the importance of scholarly thought.

Zion's Hope Executive Director Marv Rosenthal says, "If you are living with the expectation of His coming, the classic book 'The Rapture Question Answered: Plain and Simple' by Robert Van Kampen is simply 'Must Reading.'"