The Shekinah Glory Study Guide

The Shekinah Glory Study Guide
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A Study in the Glory of Christ

The cloud of God's glory that settled over the Wilderness Tabernacle, and later over the Temple in Jerusalem, during Israel's early history has been called the "Shekinah Glory". What does shekinah mean – and how did the triune God represent Himself in that cloud? The answer may surprise you.

This riveting study on the glory of Christ reveals who Jesus really is. You will discover He is more than our Lord and Savior – much more.

This is an amazing study on the centrality and preeminence of Jesus Christ: The Shekinah Glory Study Guide by Dan Hayden.

The printed Study Guide has 12 lessons – divided into three groups of four lessons each. A 6-CD Album is also available here.

NOTE: The the printed Study Guide and the 6-CD Album are self-contained and are not dependent upon one another. They may be purchased separately.