Did God Write the Bible?

Did God Write the Bible?
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Can we know for sure that the Bible is God's Word?


After 2,500 years, the Bible remains the most-read book of all time. No other book has withstood the test of time like this book, which claims to be the very Word of God.

But, can we take the Bible's claim to divine authority seriously? Dan Hayden addresses this question often posed by skeptics and provided forthright, honet answers. In addition, he andwers other basic questions as well:

  • Why did God decide to write a book?
  • When God wrote a book, how did He do it?
  • Who decided which manuscripts should be included?
  • How do we know that what we have is authentic?
  • What about all of those translations and versions?

Here is a valuable resource that validates the Bible's claim to divine authority. As you read this book, you will be enticed to take a closer look at THE Book - the Bible - and respond personally to what it says about life and life after death.

NOTE: Dr. Dan Hayden is on the teaching staff of Zion's Hope.

Softback, 187 pages