Israel, Iran, and China’s Belt and Road Initiative DVD

Israel, Iran, and China’s Belt and Road Initiative DVD
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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is arguably one of the greatest threats to democracy in the world today. The shocking reality is that much of what we’ve experienced in recent days in the United States is connected to the rise of China, the CCP, and the global shift toward authoritarianism.

In this eye-opening video, David discusses the Fourth Industrial Revolution and explains how it will impact your life. He also addresses the meteoric rise of China, its three astounding global strategies to subdue the world, and the possible end-time implications for Israel, Iran, and the Middle East. The Book of Revelation indicates a massive army – 200-million strong – will come from the east, cross the Euphrates River, and march on Israel to fight the final battle of the ages at Armageddon. It's very possible China will play a pivotal role in this biblical, end-times scenario.