Pocket Study Booklet Part 6A / 6B / 6C - "A Wondrous Woman and a Dreadful Dragon"

Pocket Study Booklet Part 6A / 6B / 6C - "A Wondrous Woman and a Dreadful Dragon"
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In this lesson, you’ll see what the wondrous woman of Revelation 12 reveals about these final years. Her preservation from the dragon depicts God’s care and protection for His chosen people, even under the Antichrist’s vicious persecution. The nation of Israel will be honored for her vital role of giving birth to the Messiah who brought salvation to the world.

In Part 6B, you’ll identify the kingdoms represented by the dragon’s 7 heads and the rulers represented by its 7 crowns. These kingdoms have been instrumental in Satan’s strategy to destroy Israel and the Messianic line through history. They will re-emerge in the Last Days and unite once more to do battle with the Lamb.

In Part 6C, David Rosenthal explains the crucial events connected to the dragon’s final attempts to destroy God’s people. Expelled from Heaven, he has only 3½ years to preempt the kingdom over which Jesus Christ will rule. With him are a demonic host and the re-emerging seven empires of history which will be comprised of 10 nations and their leaders in the Last Days. But all of this will not be enough to vanquish those whom God protects. The dragon’s last throes will be desperate and intense, but futile.

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